Hybrid Telecom Space  


Planar AC-Offline Flyback Transformers


AC Offline and Wide Vin Range IEC-60950 Planar

P26R6-AC Offline Series | Size: 27mm x 32.7mm x 15mm Height

38-430Vin to 140W-196W

Catalog Summary

Offline AC Bias Flyback Transf. -- CH13 Series

60-400Vin to Dual 12V & 10Vout 1.5-3.5W

PFC Off-Line LT3798 BCM Flyback Design

P26F6 Planar Series: Size: 28.0mm x 28.3mm x 13.0 mm Ht

80-420 Vin to 12 | 24 | 28 | 48 and 53Vout | 75-125W

LT3798_P26F6 Catalog Summary

















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