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Linear Technology

Supported PNs, ICs, Ref Designs and Demo Boards

PoE Flyback -Planar 7 to 8.5mm Ht

9-36 & 36-72Vin to 3.3, 5.0 12Vout 20-40W

Planar Flyback Catalog

Champs-Tech Demo Boards [Coming Soon]

DC1929A Ref Design

Off-Line 180-400Vin to 5-54 Vout 100-360W

Railway Apps -Forward, Active Clamp

50-160Vin to 5-80 Vout 100-360W

Planar Magnetics Series

PL14 & PL18 Series: 10W-80W Forward, 150W Bridge
G45 Series: 40-240W Forward | 350W Bridge


40R2 Series: 40-200W Forward | 300W Bridge
55R2 Series: 80-300W Forward | 600W Bridge
PL58 AC Series: 8mm Creepage 3750VAC Dielectric

80R2 Off-Line Series: 100-350W Forward Topology

PL80 SERIES: Rated to 1KW
PQL2050 Series: Mechanical
PQA2050 || PQI2050 Series: : Ratings 0.9 to 500uH to 52Adc 20.1 x 21.75mm Footprint, 12.2mm Ht

PQI26 Series


DC1317A Ref Design

9-36 | 18-72 | 32-72 Vin Range 100-240W

80R2 Series -Forward, Active Clamp, Dual Output

140-400Vin to 5 to 54 Vout Dual Output 100-280W

DC1994A & DC2050A Ref Design

9-36 | 18-72 | 32-72 Vin Range 100-240W


DC2199A & 1739B-C Ref Design

9-36 | 18-72 | 32-72 Vin Range 100-360W


DC2306A 48-54V PoE Ref Design

9-15 | 20-60 | 36-72 | 50-150 | 85-300 Vin Range 48-54Vout. 80-162W

Offline AC Bias Flyback Transf. -- CH13 Series

60-400Vin to Dual 12V & 10Vout 1.5-3.5W

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    Founded in 1992 Champs Technologies is a manufacturer and developer of high efficiency, low profile planar magnetics for the European, North & South American, and Asian markets. As a Direct manufacturer of OEM Planar and supplier to Asian DC-DC Converter Manufacturers, Champs has established a solid reputation in the Power Magnetics Market. With State-of-the-Art Facilities and Sales throughout Asia, Europe, and North & South America, Champs is experienced and dedicated to finding the right solution for all your power needs

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